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Japanizam 2014

Japanizam is a unique event in the Balkans annually allows visitors to enjoy Japanese pop culture - is mainly dedicated to anime and manga industry, the Japanese fashion, film - this time, and aikido.

5. July 2014

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30 years and one month in 2012

In early November 2012, namely the first, it was planned that Novak Jerkov, Mire Zloh and I do mini seminar which would celebrate our common 30 years in aikido. But...

4th December 2014

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Seminar Support Japan 2011

On 11 March 2011 the people of Japan suffered a devastating earthquake - Japan was in the biggest crisis since the end of World War II. This event has overshadowed all our planned anniversaries and planitrani seminar was dedicated only Japan .

17th April 2011


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Kagami Biraki 2010

On Kagami Biraki ceremony in Tokyo, 10 January 2010. Saša Obradović and Novak Jerkov were promoted to Hombu dojo 5th Dan.

10th January 2010



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Handing over the donation of Japan 2005

Ceremony of delivery of the donation of the Embassy of Japan Aikido Federation of Serbia AD "Zemun". The Japanese delegation was led by the Ambassador of Japan Mr. Rjuichi Tanabe. There was also a short presentation of aikido.

26th August 2005


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The signing of the grant 2004th

On 7 December 2004, held a ceremony of signing the grant by the Japan Foundation and the Aikido Federation of Serbia.

The desire of the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Tanabe Rjuichi was that the ceremony takes place in our area, in the dojo AD "Zemun".

12nd December 2004


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