Mire Zloh in Zemun


Training last week was led by our friend Shidoin of Aikikai Serbia Mire Zloh 5th Dan.

We were very pleased.

March 29, 2019

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Aikido bulletin no. 18

for 2019

The new Aikido Bulletin 18 for 2019 year will be completed shortly.

The Aikido newspaper is in Serbian language.

March 18, 2019

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New membership cards

 Aikikai Serbia 

New membership cards of our organization will soon be in electronic form. You will be able to see when and with whom you have placed a certain belt, whether you owe an annual membership fee, attendance at seminars ...

3. novembar 2018.

Yoshimitsu Yamada 8.dan
Robert Le Vourch 6.dan

A big seminar with a great master was held in Belgrade. In addition to the participants from many countries there were 20 of us from Aikikai of Serbia, mostly from Novi Sad and Zemun.

27-28th October 2018


Celebrate 20 years AD "IKEDA"
1998 - 2018.


At the end of the year, a large two-day seminar was held in Nis, led by seven instructors of Aikikai of Serbia during the celebration of the 20 years since the founding of AD "Ikeda".

22 -23rd September 2018.


"17th Summer Aikido School 2018"
Saša Obradović 6th Dan

Vrnjačka Banja

The "17th Summer School in Vrnjacka Banja 2018" is behind us. Many hours of exercise, the most visited summer school in the last 14 years, the first time participants from Ireland and Slovakia ...

23 -29th July 2018

abaut seminar 


Mire Zloh 5th Dan in
AD "Zemun"

At the regular training on May 22, 2018, our guest was our island friend and the only Shidoin Aikikai of Serbia in the England, Mire Zloh.

It was an opportunity to give him a formal diploma for the 5th day. Congratulations and great gratitude to Mire for the patience and energy that he has given us for decades.

22 May 2018

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Spring Seminar
AD "Budokan"

An extraordinary seminar was led by Dusko Kulacin 4th dan, Ivan Tasic 4th dan, Igor Strahinic 5th dan and Sasa Obradovic 6th dan.

Eight hours of hard training with the aforementioned gentleman and the usual exam marked the big Aikido weekend behind us.

14- 15 April 2018



New dojo
AC "Yoshinkan"

From March 18, 2018, Aikido came to Yoshinkan from Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and joined our organization.

The big challenges are ahead of us in the years to come, the first seminar in Bijeljina is scheduled for the end of April this year.

18 March 2018


New web cites

Site where you've completely redesigned site Aikikai Serbia is set back in 1997. It contained at the end of 2016 - 940 pages and over 16,000 photos!

Not a missed opportunity that the previous contents are selected and that non-essential people left to history.

8th January 2017


Saša Obradović 6th Dan

On traditional Kagami Biraki ceremony in Tokyo Sasa Obradovic Shidoin of Aikikai Serbia from Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba promoted to Hombu Dojo 6th dan.


8th January 2017

The list of Recommentation Grading in 2017

New dojo AD "Zemun"

After 11 years, after 15 January 2017 practitioner in the new space, a hundred meters away from the previous dojo.

Old SC "Barac" from which we go will no longer exist, we were the first in it and the last was abandoned.

29th December 2016

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